Control your production process safely and economically.

With EMUGE thread gages, you can control production process safely and economically. Thread gages allow you to quickly recognize size and form deviations, weakened or unfit threads.

EMUGE Offers GO/NO-GO Thread Gages

• Made of premium high strength gage steel
• For all existing thread systems
• For all existing tolerance ranges, DIN ISO as well as ANSI standards • Gage certifications available on request
• Made in Germany by Emuge

Gage certification is performed by accredited calibration service DECOM UGK GmbH calibration laboratory which is located within EMUGE, in Lauf, Germany.


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Thread Gages

Emuge offers a comprehensive line of precision fixed limit thread gages consisting of GO / NO-GO plug gages. Plug gages are designed to inspect the pitch diameter and functional thread for internal-thread components. All plug gages are available with Certificate of Accuracy documentation.

21.06.2017 |